Dordogne Riding - Equestrian holidays in France

Come and experience country horse riding in the Dordogne in France. Ride across beautiful French estates in the heart of the rural Dordogne.

Dordogne Riding are experienced equestrian holiday specialists who can offer private horse riding holidays in this most beautiful part of France.

Our riding holidays are centred in and around the spectacular countryside of the Dordogne in south-western France, near the town of Bergerac, and we think they are the best rides in France!

We intend to repeat our successful idea of running riding holidays with yoga in 2011. Please email us if you would like to do this

A typical one week equestrian holiday will consist of 5,5 days riding. We also do shorter stays of 3 and 4 nights which include 3 and 4 days riding.

The Dordogne is an area of outstanding natural beauty, one of the most beautiful in Europe, not dissimilar to Tuscany. This is a green land of farms, lovely wooded hillsides and gentle winding rivers. It is still unspoilt, it is really rural France at its best and offers excellent riding for your holiday.

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As featured in Horse and Hound February 2003
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