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What to bring

For Riding

  • Jodhpurs or full length leather chaps with shorts or light trousers underneath, or jeans or trousers with half chaps
  • Long sleeved shirts for sun protection
  • Comfortable riding shoes / boots (there may be a bit of walking so make sure these do not rub)
  • Hard riding hat / crash hat THESE ARE COMPULSORY AND NOT SUPPLIED
  • Sunglasses (with a string attached)
  • Sun block / high factor sun cream / Lip Salve
  • Water proof jacket / coat in case of rain (a long rainproof coat is a good idea in winter / late autumn / early spring)
  • Warm Jumper / fleece
  • Riding gloves if required
  • Money belt / bum bag / cotton photographer’s waistcoat *
  • Water bottle if required (NB there are no water bottles on the saddles!)**
  • Seat saver (if required)

When not riding

  • Change of shoes and casual clothes
  • Jumper / light jacket (it can be cool in the evenings / early mornings) 
  • Swimming costume and towel (bath towels are provided)
  • Shower / pool sandals (flip flops, deck shoes…)


  • Camera, spare memory card, spare batteries
  • Any personal medicines
  • Insect repellent
  • Personal washing kit
  • Hair dryer if required and adapter plug (there are a couple of hairdryers available to borrow but you may wish to bring your own)
  • Small English / French dictionary can be useful

**Saddlebags are provided for items such as cameras, sun cream etc.. Alternatives are a 'bum bag' or a cotton photographer’s / fisherman’s waistcoat with a number of pockets.  Water bottles are not supplied so if you drink a lot of water when riding, you should bring your own.

There is a washer/dryer and an iron available at Le Bourdil Blanc at no extra charge.

Travel documents

Holders of full UK passports do not need visas for visits to France whatever the length of stay, although for visits of over 90 days residence permits are required. If you do not have a full British Passport, please check requirements with the French Embassy.


No vaccinations are needed by EEC residents to enter France.  If you have a particular condition requiring special medical treatment, in case of emergencies we suggest you carry a letter from your own doctor translated into French describing your condition and the medicine / treatment required.

Travel insurance

You must have appropriate travel and repatriation insurance. We strongly advise you take out insurance on booking your riding holiday to ensure you are covered for any event that may happen BEFORE departing on your holiday forcing cancellation. Make sure your policy covers horse riding activities abroad. Your insurance details will be requested on arrival.

Driving and Car Hire

An international driving permit is not required for EU citizens as long as you have a valid photocard licence. Third party insurance is compulsory as is on the spot payment of fines for non-residents!  Car hire is easily arranged with a reputable local company; please do ask if you would like us to arrange this for you, a hire car is handy for non-riders.


France's official currency is the Euro.  Euros are divided into cents and there are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents, of 1 and 2 Euros and notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 Euros. There are plenty of ATMs and banks in Bergerac and a cash point machine outside the airport building on the right by the café should you wish to get Euros on arrival. If you have to pay for any extras at Le Bourdil Blanc (e.g. extra nights) you can pay in cash Euros, Euro cheque or Sterling (cheque or cash).

Credit Cards

Most hotels, department stores & larger restaurants in France accept major credit cards - Amex, Visa and Mastercard.  The small local bars & restaurants you will be visiting during your trip may not do so, so you should carry a little cash for extra drinks etc..  Credit cards are not accepted at Le Bourdil Blanc.


Tipping of 5-10% of the bill is about average in restaurants and for other services.  A small tip for the people who help out with meals, horses etc. at Le Bourdil will be appreciated but it is entirely up to you.  If you wish to tip you can either do this direct, or if you would rather, Jane will distribute tips among the staff, the average is around 50 Euros for a weeklong stay.

Electricity / Communications

Electricity operates on 220 or 225 AC. Plugs are 2 pin.  Please bring your own adapter if required.  There is wifi in the house and a computer available if required.  Mobile phone signal at the house varies from good to poor depending on provider.  Time GMT + 1.